So I’ve been singing forever— longer than I’ve been speaking…

I fell in love with words when I was eleven. In class we read a poem about an icebox and plums (“This Is Just To Say” by William Carlos Williams) and I was fascinated by how just a few well-chosen words could paint an entire picture, could evoke so much using so little. I grew up listening to and loving The Beatles, Ella Fitzgerald, Norah Jones and Joni Mitchell — I harmonized with them on my way to school, or as I fell asleep. At thirteen I learned three chords, wrote my first song, “Chasing Butterflies,” and I haven’t stopped writing music since.

Making things — a song, a poem, a figurine made out of a gum wrapper—makes me happy, makes me whole. Music is my meditation – sometimes I write to escape, but mostly I write to tune in: I love how I can turn something painful, like heartbreak or loss or uncertainty, into something meaningful and lasting.
I’d love to share my music with you.

I’m Nina ~ I’m a singer-songwriter and poet from Los Angeles and an English major at Amherst College. I have the most supportive family, amazing friends, and a wonderful wizard of a producer, Andrew Williams. Thanks so much for visiting my website. Wander around, listen and look – I want my website to be an experience for you, a little glimpse into my life.