“Nina Shallman has such a lovely voice, it almost doesn’t matter what she’s singing. The local singer-guitarist reveals a nimble touch and jazzy delivery on standards such as Bob Wells and Mel Tormé’s ‘The Christmas Song,’ and she even recasts The Smiths’ ‘Ask’ as a languidly sugary pop idyll. But Shallman is just as engaging in her own songs. ‘Stay still on the grass/Let me feel your fingers lace through mine,’ she coos invitingly. ‘Meet me halfway/Sing those notes that tickle my spine.’ Buoyed by her own harmonies and judicious guitar arpeggios, Shallman makes such small romantic details feel sumptuous and grand with the help of producer Andrew Williams. On ballads such as ‘The Moon Can Stay,’ she breaks hearts with little more than sparse piano accents, the faraway swoon of violins and her wistfully ethereal vocals."LA Weekly Critic’s Pick, Falling James
“There’s an openness to romance in her voice, but also a dark undercurrent — hurt but not weak, anything but weak — that ties her to an esteemed legacy running from Lesley Gore through Adele. On such highlights as “Daisies” and the somber “The Moon Can Stay,” both of those sides are maximized to full effect by her phrasing and by Andrew Williams’ production touch, while keeping the bubbly “Nice to Hear” firmly grounded.”Music journalist Steve Hochman (KPCC, Los Angeles Times, Rolling Stone)
“Nina Shallman has a song called ‘Never Years Old,’ and maybe that describes the balance you arrive at when you combine a fresh face and voice with an old soul. Her balladically inclined material is hard to pinpoint as pop, cabaret, or none/all of the above, but it’s clear her originals are steeped in standards, even if the standards she chooses for her occasional cover wild card are ‘Dear Prudence’ or a Smiths song. She’s young enough to still qualify as precocious, but the songs feel more lived in and felt than studied, which sets her apart from most other young singers you could think of who’ve absorbed the same classic influences. The music is emotional, melodic, and luxuriant, like a warm bath on a slightly sad day. When she sings ‘The Moon Can Stay,’ you’ll think: So can you.”Music Journalist Chris Willman (Yahoo, Billboard)
“Nina Shallman conveys so much with her beautiful, ethereal voice; the audience can almost feel her essence and soul emanating through her music”The Examiner, Bonnie Priever
“Nina has a gorgeous, versatile voice & fantastic stage presence…It is my opinion that Nina Shallman will quickly become wildly popular & possibly even the next generation’s version of Norah Jones”Concert Addict Chick
“Listen to this song and you'll know why I believe Nina Shallman just may be the next great American singer/songwriter.”David Leaf, Professor, UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music, and Peabody and WGAW award-winning writer, director, and producer